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Amana dryer

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Amana Dryer

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19600 WPC YNED4655EW Amana Electric Dryer $469.95

Use only the energy you need with this top-load electric dryer. Equipped with Automatic Dryness Control, it uses sensors that stop the cycle when clothes are dry to help prevent over drying.

Advanced Suspension System
The advanced suspension system senses each load and stabilizes the wash basket to reduce vibration and noise. Now your washer can go places it's never been before like in living areas, upstairs or near bedrooms.

Spreckle Porcelain Wash Basket
Our smooth, porcelain tub resists tears and scratches better than a plastic tub, protecting your fabrics. Plus, the spreckled gray color makes it easy to spot small items like white socks.

Automatic Temperature Control
Sensors monitor the flow of incoming water, adjusting as needed to maintain the temperature you select and keep cleaning consistent

5 Temperatures

High Efficiency Wash System
Get improved cleaning* with our High-Efficiency Agitator and Wash System that combines the gentleness of an impeller with the cleaning action of an agitator. The deep rinse and additional heat work with the High-Efficiency Agitator to deliver a better wash.

Late Lid Lock
Late Lid Lock gives you extra time until the Spin cycle starts to throw in any missed or forgotten items.

Deep Water Wash Cycle
The Deep Water Wash cycle fills the tub with more water during the wash and rinse cycle when you need it, so you can be confident you're getting a great clean.

700 RPM Max Spin Speed
Drying begins in the washer. Spin speeds of up to 700 RPM help remove water from clothes so they take less time to dry.

9 Wash Cycles
With 9 different wash cycles to choose from, you’ll be able to care for it all, from delicate items to towels.



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